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The Sacred Sound Current

Through the ancient practice of chanting mantras, yogi’s discovered that the way the tongue hits the upper palette can invoke different states of being within one’s self. The tongue action can be likened to fingers typing out a message on a key board, on the roof of the mouth, that then creates an effect on the glandular system. Different mantras create different effects. Some invoke a state of calm and peace, some invoke an open and loving heart, others invoke states of balance, intuition and grace. There is a mantra for any elevated state one wishes to experience internally. Touching on, and experiencing these varied states of being, allows one a greater connection with the breadth of their essential self, in that one’s essential self, consists of all of these elevated states of being. Yogis say that singing opens one’s heart and stimulates the pranic body, which is our energy body, which is integrally involved in any healing process we undergo.

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