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" Sat Sangeet has a gift for creating safe sacred space where people can dive into, and explore, spirit through sound.  She freely accesses love, consciousness and creativity in her musical moments and that is what flows through everything she does.  She offers a delicious singing meditation journey that needs to be experienced."

-Sharlene Starr, Kundalini Yoga Teacher,

Mantra, chanting and heart opening experiences?  I've got it all!  Subscribe for chant event updates and receive a free download of my unreleased song, “The Guru’s Way.”

To experience some of these songs and chants live, check out these events!


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Merged: A Morning Sadhana


Music written by Sat Sangeet Kaur aka Tracy Gawley, joined by Ravidass Singh (vocals & Guitar), Lisa Weleschuk (vocals), Fiona McGinn (vocals and mandolin),  Allan Gawley (vocals), Utpal Mazumdar (tabla) and Dorothy Bishop (cello).


A compilation of six mantras (7th mantra is a chanted one) given to us by Yogi Bhajan, to be sung every morning in the amrit vela (ambrosial hours 4-6am).   Who am I kidding? These mantras are good at anytime! 


Featuring both lead and harmony vocals, and the masterful guitar stylings of Ravidass.


Awakened in the Light


(One Sacred Voice:  Tracy Gawley, Joelle Gilmour and Lisa Weleschuk)


Featuring music written by Joelle Gilmour and Tracy Gawley.


A compilation of mantra and English verse songs, combining guitar, piano, jembe and tambourine, along with 3 part vocal harmony.





Love It All


(Deva Shakti, Tracy Gawley, Pamela Alexander and Lisa Weleschuk, joined by Rob Chepil, Andrea Litzenberger, Fiona McGinn and Adam Van Wielingen.)


Featuring music written by Tracy Gawley and Pamela Alexander.  A compilation of mantra and English verse songs, combining guitar, harmonium, tabla, and piano, with a full dose of vocal harmony!


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