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An Innocent & Magical  Philosophy

My philosophy involves working consciously with life.  Listening deeply, to the call of my soul, and following the thread that presents itself along the way.  I find myself engaging in a cycle of intent, being receptive and then responding in a way that is of benefit to all. I see the value in sharing consciousness, giving to others, what others have given to me, and helping others along the way.


Where my philosophy began...


Much of my philosophy has been cultured through my relationship with my spiritual teacher in Calgary, AB, Seva Terrel (aka Mark J. Terrell).  I’ve taken weekly classes with Seva since 1999.  Over the years with the intent to reveal consciousness and evolve it, we have covered a large variety of topics. The last few years, leading up to the Aquarian Age, have been devoted to “dreaming a new world into being”, using the practices of remote viewing best possible futures, asleep and waking dream work and a variety of subtle energy and spiritual medicine practices to refine one’s consciousness.


How can you get involved?


It is my intention to offer services that culture a similar inspiration in those who visit my site; dream  an innocent and magical world into being along with me!


To Find out more about Seva’s work contact him at  You can also find his trilogy of consciousness refining  books (Phobos, Appollo and Eros) available at or Kindle under the name of Mark J. Terrell.

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