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Listen to what some client's have to say about Tracy's massage sessions...

 "I have received a lot of massage in my life, from many different therapists in many different countries, as it is a therapy that I love because of both the therapeutic effect on muscles and joints and because of the stress relief.  Tracy Gawley is one of the most skilled massage therapists I have ever seen.  Her competency and the results of her treatments speak for themselves."

-Dr Lisa Manitpoyes-Weleschuk



"A wonderful experience.  Very specific attention to structure and points of restriction were seamlessly incorporated into a graceful and flowing treatment.  Tracy holds a strong and luminous space, infused with her wealth of personal and professional experience.  I left feeling very complete, in body, mind and soul."  -Martha Hunter RMT


 "Tracy's calm aura is so very soothing.  Her massage skills and knowing exactly what my body needed showed me that she was very intuitive and just knew what I needed. I have had many massages and Tracy gave one of the best massages I have ever experienced.  I absolutely loved my massage from Tracy and I would highly recommend her. I am anxiously awaiting my next Tracy massage !"  -Jodi Bobenic (Yoga Instructor)

"I found the “intention based” massage to be a very beneficial experience.  This was a deep tissue full body massage.  I did not experience any residual soreness the next day.  I think the 2 hour massage allowed time for both release and detoxification to occur simultaneously. The result was a full circle treatment in a meditative space."  -Marg Gawley (client)


"Thank you so much for today.  I feel so much better.  It was just as advertised...I came with stress and left with soul!  Much more grounded and oh so grateful.  -Robin Waters (Woman's Wellness Educator)



Below are a list of insurance companies that recognize my training and who you will be able to submit your massage receipts to.  If your insurance company is not listed, you won't have any coverage for my massage therapy treatments from your insurance company.....


  • Assurances Dalbec

  • Claim Secure

  • Coughlan & Associates

  • Cowan Insurance Group

  • DA Towley & Associates

  • Desjardins Insurance

  • Empire Life

  • Great West Life

  • Green Shield Canada

  • Group Medical Services

  • Industrial Alliance

  • Johnson Insurance

  • Johnston Group

  • National Health Claim

  • Saskatchewan Blue Cross

  • Sirius Benefits

  • Standard Life

  • Manulife

  • Blue Cross



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