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Are you looking to get your “chant” on?  Join my contact list and be the first to know about outstanding chant and song events!




  1. Leading chant circles in a variety of venues and spaces.


  1. Performing at Chant Concerts.


  1. Chant concert promotion and organization, promoting for artists such as Snatam Kaur, GuruGanesha, Deva Shakti,  Gurunam, Deva Premal and Miten.


  1. Providing live music during yoga classes (both Kundalini yoga classes and other styles of yoga) … or group meditations…or Solstice events.


  1. Providing live music for sadhanas.


  1. Working in community, joining ensemble events, such as “Planetary Healing Mandala”, “Sounds of the Soul”, Wellspring’s “Tri-Well-a-thon” or “A Woman’s Way”, where different traditions of song, dance, ceremony and meditation come together, for a common purpose etc.


  1. Providing music during Church services, funerals, celebrations of life and singing for the dying as they’ve passed over.


If you’d like to organize, host or attend, a chant event of some kind, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the details!


If you’d like to be notified of upcoming events, please join my contact list and be the first to know about what’s new!


Want to experience the benefits of these services?  Click here.

Enchanted Musical Offerings:

"Sat Sangeet has a unique ability to compose chants that are melodically uncomplicated enough for beginners to join in, but at the same time leave space for complex harmonies and instrumental vibrancy to emerge.  For a natural improviser like me, that's a dream come true.  When I sing with her, I experience the deep satisfaction of beginning simply and building the energy to a wonderfully ecstatic crescendo. Yes!"


-Pamela L. Alexander, Voice Coach, Vocalist & Chant Artist, Calgary, AB

Do You Know How Mantra And Chant Can Affect You?


Through the ancient practice of chanting mantras, yogi’s discovered that the way the tongue hits the upper palette can invoke different states of being within one’s self.  The tongue action can be likened to fingers typing out a message on a key board, on the roof of the mouth, that then creates an effect on the glandular system.  Different mantras create different effects.  Some invoke a state of calm and peace, some invoke an open and loving heart, others invoke states of balance, intuition and grace.  There is a mantra for any elevated state one wishes to experience internally.  Touching on, and experiencing these varied states of being, allows one a greater connection with the breadth of their essential self, in that one’s essential self, consists of all of these elevated states of being.  Yogis say that singing opens one’s heart and stimulates the pranic body, which is our energy body, which is integrally involved in any healing process we undergo. 



 Learn how chanting in community is beneficial to you and others!


-A communal experience of connection, through sound, breath and a shared elevated group consciousness that is invoked through chanting together.


- Creates an opening to, and resonation with, the qualities of one’s Soul.


-Engages the “child within” in a playful, yet soulful way, that brings forth the innocent childlike soul qualities such as intuition and creativity.


-It reminds one of their essential love nature, love energy, being the ground of our being.


-Near death, and at the time of passing, it reminds one of their highest ideal, by invoking a consciousness of love and the sacred.


-Is heart opening, perspective expanding and awareness building.


-Can guide one in opening to the flow of life and the interconnectedness of us all.


-When used with intention can help to clear obstacles within and without, that helps to bring about increased awareness, intuition, transformation and healing.


-Can help to move obstructed energy in the body, mind and emotions.

-Supports one’s intellectual and emotional processing.


-The effect is exponential when we chant with others, rather than just on our own.


-It has an uplifting effect in the communities that have regular chant events and practices within it.  Through our interconnectedness, what benefits one, benefits the all.

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