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A chantress is born...


Sat Sangeet (aka Tracy Gawley) has been a songstress and chant artist for the past 11 years.   Her love of sacred song began as a six year old child, who has memories of being called to the gymnasium to celebrate mass in her elementary school.  All of the pupils, would walk from their classrooms, song book in hand, in a single file, through the hallways, singing songs of brotherly love, togetherness and longing for the Divine, on their way to the gymnasium.  It was the early 70’s and there were many folk-sy style Christian songs being written, that were steeped in devotion and heart energy.  This experience so impressed upon her, that she still owns her own original elementary school song book, 37 years later, and has revisited the songs, over the years, as part of her devotional practice.


Her school closed down the next year and this particular devotional way of practicing one’s spirituality was lost at her new school, and this devotional part of her, went underground, somewhat, for many years, to be re-awakened in her practice of Kundalini Yoga (KY).  She began practicing KY in 1999 and began teaching classes in the Fall of 2000.



Soul comes a knockin


Tuning into the call of her soul’s intent, she began attending different KY events in Canada and the USA, and through this broadening of her horizon, she was introduced to the practice of using music during classes, as well as the singing of sadhana mantras, in the wee hours of the morn.



One heart opens


During a summer solstice event in New Mexico, she had a “heart remembering” experience, while she listened to an unknown musician, to her, sing her first line of “Wah Yantee, Kar Yantee...”, at an early morning sadhana.  Her heart began to open and tears began to flow, and they didn’t stop for quite a few years after that.  Later she realized, she had just attended her first sadhana led by Snatam Kaur.  This experience so impressed upon her, that she followed Snatam around the country, whenever possible, attending her concerts, sadhana’s and workshops, drinking in this experience of sacred music like she was a woman dying of thirst and being bathed in water.



Connecting with and Supporting Other Chant Artists


She later went on to host Snatam and GuruGanesha , three times in Calgary, for concerts and workshops, and also began her own search for her authentic voice, learning how to sing and play an instrument at age 30.  Along the way, Yogi Bhajan gave her the spiritual name, Sat Sangeet Kaur, which translated to the Princess of True Divine Music, which she has come to understand embodies the hearing, speaking and singing of God’s Truth, bringing harmony to others.


In 2002, she co-founded a chant band, named One Sacred Voice and released a CD titled, “Awakened in the Light”. Later in 2007, she co-founded another chant band named Deva Shakti and in 2010 released a CD titled, “Love It All.”  That same year, along with the help of her band mates and other musical friends, she released a solo CD titled, “Chrysalis”, inspired by her pregnancy and the birth of her son.


Working With Others and Developing Group Consciousness


Currently, she works as a solo artist, consistently supported and backed by her long time friends, Sahaj Kaur (Fiona McGinn) and Karamjot Kaur (Lisa Weleschuk), who are both lovely musicians in their own right.  These three ladies have been studying with a common teacher, Seva Terrell, for many years.  They studied Kundalini Yoga for many years with Seva, as well, have been introduced to a broad scope of spiritual practices through his Spiritual Medicine classes.  They would comfortably say, they are all students of the revelation of consciousness, and the evolution of consciousness.  This shared background, creates the base from which the music they practice together, rises.


Being a long time student of the sacred, Sat Sangeet’s continuing education, for the past 14 years, has led her to experience a variety of different spiritual practices and traditions, of which she has appreciation for all of them.   Deeply interested in the nature of reality and what it means to experience one’s own essential self, her studies have led her to the work she has now focused on, for the past eleven years,  working musically, with chant and devotional song to make contact with that part of herself, in community with others.


Sat Sangeet (Tracy Gawley) is also a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga instructor and she is a practitioner (in training) of a type of psychotherapy called, Transactional Analysis (TA).  In the past, she has held certifications in Massage Therapy (MRC), Group Fitness (YWCA) and Gold/Metal Smithing (ACAD).


These days, Sat Sangeet (Tracy Gawley) can be found leading chant/singing circles, singing live for yoga classes and other events, as well as organizing and promoting chant concerts for touring musicians and recording devotional and chant CD’s.



"Sat Sangeet has a gift for creating safe sacred space where people can dive into, and explore, spirit through sound.  She freely accesses love, consciousness and creativity in her musical moments and that is what flows through everything she does.  She offers a delicious singing meditation journey that needs to be experienced."


-Sharlene Starr, Kundalini Yoga Teacher,

About Tracy Gawley/Sat Sangeet Kaur

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