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Events To Connect & Inspire

Circles of Attunement Chant Circle  

Listings for upcoming chant events that I am involved in, either as musician or organizer/promoter.

"I have played a supporting role to events that Sat Sangeet has produced for Snatam Kaur, Deva Shakti, GuruGanesha and Deva Premal, as well as co-producing a CD with her.  I think it speaks volumes that in all of those situations you can count on her to show up with the same qualities:  vision, attention to detail, great organization, integrity, deep presence, creativity, and a constant commitment to how the project can connect people and benefit the broader community."


-Pamela L. Alexander

Voice Coach, Vocalist & Event Facilitator
Calgary, AB

Circles of Attunement

Sun. Oct. 29th, 2023

Royal Oak, NW
(address given upon registration)

Must Pre-Register at:

By Donation
(suggested $20-pay at door)

If you require a receipt, please notify me by e-mail, and pre-pay by e-transfer to:


Join us for a journey into a deeper state of awareness, where we will use the singing of mantra as our medium, to invoke a more coherent state within ourselves and the group field.  Bring your intentions for healing, and drop them into the intelligence of the collective healing field we'll invoke, and experience how it naturally begins to bring to our awareness any obstacles in need of digesting, to fully manifest our intentions.  Group fields have an exponential power to both, illuminate, and begin to digest, and integrate, what arises as each new level of coherence is invoked. The healing field is directed by the intention that that we each set. 
As we come together in a healing community, in this way, it is both an act of generosity, as all of our inner resources begin to flow in to the collective intelligence of the group field, which benefits everyone present, and at the same time, a receiving of the gifts from the collective intelligence.  We have more potential for healing together in community, than apart. 

We warmly invite you to join us into deeper circles of attunement.

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