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Events To Connect & Inspire

Winter Solstice Chant Celebration  

Listings for upcoming chant events that I am involved in, either as musician or organizer/promoter.

"I have played a supporting role to events that Sat Sangeet has produced for Snatam Kaur, Deva Shakti, GuruGanesha and Deva Premal, as well as co-producing a CD with her.  I think it speaks volumes that in all of those situations you can count on her to show up with the same qualities:  vision, attention to detail, great organization, integrity, deep presence, creativity, and a constant commitment to how the project can connect people and benefit the broader community."


-Pamela L. Alexander

Voice Coach, Vocalist & Event Facilitator
Calgary, AB

Mantra & More

with Tracy Gawley


November 1st-December 21st, 2020

(Downloads will be sent out weekly on Sundays for 8 weeks.)


Cost: $120.00 (or pay what you can if this is outside of your financial means right now.)


This course is designed to be practiced on your own time.  Each weekly class builds upon the previous one, culminating in a Winter Sosltice Chant Celebration.  Each class has at least 20 mins of sung mantra meditation and a little bit "more".  The little more might be some breathwork, or light yoga or some wisdom teachings shared, all meant to deepen your experience of your soul connection, as you chant the mantras.


This course is for people seeking a deeper connection to their essential self, who love singing mantra, and would appreciate a little help learning how to tune into that sacred space, and all the benefits that flow forth from that experience.



Class Themes & Mantras Practiced:


Bonus Class: Setting Intention 15mins


Class One:  Deep Inner Listening (Sunia) 50 mins

Class Two:  Clearing Stuck States/Whole Brain functioning (32nd Pauri and Guru Ram Das) 60 mins

Class Three:  Spinal Warm-ups (Eck Ong Kar and Eck Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasaad) 1:20mins

Class Four:  Setting your Energy (Ong Namo and Har Haray Haree) 1:12mins

Class Five:  Lower Chakras (Akaal and Har Har Wahe Guru) 1:06 mins

Class Six:  Upper Chakras (Wahe Guru (jio) and I Am Thine) 1:25mins

Class Seven:  Understanding Ego States and Healing (Ang Sung Wahe Guru and Peace within Me) 53mins

Class Eight:  Winter Solstice Chant Celebration (Ong Namo, Aud Gurey Nameh, Aud Such and Ardas Bhayee, People of Love) 1:30mins


**Please note:  Most of the mantras were recorded this summer with Lisa and I in harmony, with the exception of a few of me on my own.


Online Winter Solstice Chant Celebration

with Tracy Gawley & Lisa Manitopyes-Weleschuk


Details TBA

Upcoming Chant Circle Gatherings 2020

with Tracy Gawley & Lisa Weleschuk



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