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A daily contemplation…


Before taking a reading, I invite you to create an intention for yourself.  Then sit quietly, and place hands in prayer pose if you like, closing your eyes.   Repeat, internally your intention several times and take a reading.  Contemplate the words of the Guru throughout your day.  You can also repeat or chant them 11X a day as a meditation.




Recieve the best outcome when setting an intention


Whatever seems to be the most up in your face, and pressing in your day, is usually the area that most needs some sort of attention and therefore intention.  Formulate your intention in the positive.  Say what you’d like, rather than what you don’t want.  For example, “I am successful and feel joy in that experience”, rather than, “I don’t want to fail and feel lousy.”  Keep all “don’t and not’s” out of it.  The universe responds to the positive affirmation.  It also responds to love energy, as it is a magnetic force, and draws to one what they wish for, so conjure up as much love in your heart as you can while repeating your affirmation.




Deepen the effect of your daily reading


The Guru's word is a sacred text written in Gurmukhi, a language of consciousness, derived from Sanskrit.  When the Pauree (stanza) is recited in Gurmukhi, it will invoke a state of consciousness.  Each pauree invokes a different state of consciousness.


Begin a daily practice


If you feel called to practice your daily reading as a meditation that you chant 11x day and would like to recieve a free recording of your pauree pronounced and recited in Gurmukhi, note the number at the bottom of the text in your reading and send a request with pauree number to Sat Sangeet at

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