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The Making of A Chant Artist

Sat Sangeet (aka Tracy Gawley) has been a songstress and chant artist for the past 11 years. Her love of sacred song began as a six year old child, who has memories of being called to the gymnasium to celebrate mass in her elementary school. All of the pupils, would walk from their classrooms, song book in hand, in a single file, through the hallways, singing songs of brotherly love, togetherness and longing for the Divine, on their way to the gymnasium. It was the early 70’s and there were many folk-sy style Christian songs being written, that were steeped in devotion and heart energy. This experience so impressed upon her, that she still owns her own original elementary school song book, 37 years later, and has revisited the songs, over the years, as part of her devotional practice.

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