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This website offers my vision that honours the sacred, authentic, ecological and innocent child within all of us.  Here you’ll find offerings, invitations and enchanting enticements, whether it be engaging the soulful qualities of the inner child through singing, inspirational music, chanting, self-exploration, spiritually based therapies or intentional daily spiritual practices.  There is something for everyone!  So go ahead, dive in and swim in the waters…

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An Innocent 

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Sept. 20th, 2016

Thinking About Attending Your First Chant Concert?

Here's what you need to know....


Although a chant concert, is a concert, what is different about it from a regular concert is that it is less of a watching thing, and more of a participating thing. My friend and chant artist, GuruGanesha, likes to call it a "co-formance", meaning the crowd is greatly encouraged to sing along and together we have a group experience. With this said, it's okay to listen as well. You are welcome as you come.  Read More....

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“A person of Truth contains the whole universe.”

                                                      - 4th Pauree, Japji

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