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What is the child within?


Each of us has a “child within.” It’s a part of ourselves that came before the impressions we received from the world, impressed upon us.  It’s a part of ourselves that came before the beliefs we formed, about ourselves, others and the world, based on the impressions we received.  It’s a part of ourselves that came before the decisions we made about ourselves, others and the world, based on the beliefs we formed as a very young child.  It is an essential and original part of ourselves.  It was here from the beginning and longs to be re-claimed in the present moment and integrated.


What stops you from bringing forth soulful child within qualities such as wholeness, innocence and creativity?


The Child Within Therapy supports one to explore their inner landscape, to know oneself more clearly and deeply within.  Whatever sits in the shadows, and is unknown, will manifest in one’s world, through relationships, both with self and others, as well as situations in one’s environment.  Unknown shadow material can consist of the beliefs and decisions one has unconsciously made about other people, the world or themselves.  As a child, before our logical, rational minds are formed, we make many decisions about life and the ways one might have to function in order to survive.  Out of this comes one’s life script, or map, that then gets played out over and over again, situation after situation.  Anytime that you experience a re-occurrence of a similar situation or “that same old feeling”, you can be pretty sure, you are in the grip of your script/story.  




Child Within Therapy

This can continue, until one begins to consciously work with their script.  The natural outcome, of working in this way, is that all of the child parts of oneself, that have fled into the shadows out of a survival mode, begin to come back into the light and be reclaimed and integrated.  The gift of this, is a deep feeling of wholeness, presence, creativity, innocence, ecology, balance, intuition sacredness and the list goes on, as these are all qualities of that original and essential self.

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How would you be supported in mining your inner landscape and invoking change?


Often, just the act of becoming aware of shadow material, is enough to begin to transform and re-integrate it.  Shadow material, longs for the light.  In the light is where wholeness is found and re-integrated. I support this process in the client through my psychological training in Transactional Analysis (psychotherapy and counselling) and through my continued training in spiritual medicine, subtle energy medicine techniques, meditative healing, meditation and yoga techniques.


What can you expect at the first session?


A series of sessions begins with the formulation of a “contract for change” between myself and the client.  This is a way of setting one’s intention for change and also gives me a road map to guide ones exploration and change.  Within each session a “what would you like to work on today, or what would you like to change today”, mini contract is formed, and then I work intuitively in the space, using some combination of the above techniques to support the client’s process as it unfolds.  Each session is client led and I hold space and respond with suggested techniques and practices that will support the client’s need in that moment.


The ultimate goal being to hold a sacred, nurturing, and safe space, in which the child within, can re-emerge, do whatever healing is needed, completing unfinished processing, creating new beliefs and forming new decisions about life, and then be re-integrated into the whole of the person’s being.


If you feel called to explore this terrain that I have described, please contact me for a session.

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