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 Coming Sept.1st, 2014!

Chant Club:  It'll Elevate Your Life!  One Mantra at a Time.

***Chant Club has been postponed at this time due to sheduling issues.***

Chant Club Manifesto


You are not your perception. You are not how well you can sing. You are not the contents of your yoga bag.  You are a sacred and playful chanter. What happens first, is you awaken. What happens next, there's a mantra playing. And what happens then, is you meet Tracy Gawley. Let me tell you about Tracy. Tracy has a vision.


That vision is Chant Club: in mantra we trust. We trust that chanting mantra has the power to elevate our consciousness. We trust that singing and chanting mantra with each other builds a connected and peaceful community. We trust that chanting mantra takes us past our perceived limitations into a world of greater potential. We trust that mantra can open our heart and awaken our soul. Chant Club teaches things that end up transforming you. It's only after you've truly embraced it that everything can change. Chant Club represents that kind of change.


First rule of Chant Club: You talk about Chant Club with it's awesome other members.


Second rule of Chant Club: You talk about Chant Club with friends and family because you love it!


Chant Club says marinating in mantra is wonderful. Chant Club says singing and chanting in community could be the answer.

Membership Cost:  $160.00

A One Year Chant Club Membership Includes:


  • Admission to eight, Tracy's Vision chant circles, over a one year period (Sept. 1st, 2014-Sept.1st 2015) there will be at least one to two chant circles to choose from per month (Thurs/Fri.'s usually.)


  • 20% off Tracy's Vision chant workshops throughout the year (usually take place on Sundays.)


  • Access to "Chant Club Facebook Community" to connect with other chanters in the group.  Chant related postings, sharing of chant experiences, calls for group support and "Chanters Community Intention Box", where members can request the group to dedicate the chanting of a mantra to their personal intention, as a support and an empowering of their intention.


  • Two free newcomer guest passes.  These passes are to be used to bring a guest who has not attended one of my events before and is curious if the chant circle experience is right for them.

What You Can Expect with Membership:


  • Monthly chant themes.

  • Time to connect with your sacred, soulful and playful spirit.

  • Workshops that will deepen your chant practice and experience.

  • A like-minded community to grow with!



The Benefits You will Recieve with Membership:


  • A deepened practice.

  • Increased self awareness.

  • Expansion and growth.

  • A sacred, joyful and playful expression of you!



Is Chant Club Right For You?


  • You enjoy singing and chanting for the purpose of elevating yourself and others.

  • You would like to join a committed community of chanters, singers and musicians, joyfully sharing in sacred song.

  • You are ready to empower yourself and are committed to growth and change.

  • You want to live with an open heart.


If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions register today!



Chant Club Probably isn't a Good Fit for You if:


  • You only want to attend a few chant circles per year.

  • You do not enjoy singing with others.

  • You are not curious about how to deepen your experience with mantra and chanting.

  • You are not curious about awakening and expressing your soul qualities.

  • You are not curious about how using intention can transform your chant experience.

  • You are not open to experiencing change or transformation.



Your Guarantee: 


  • Come out and try a chant circle, afterwards, if you decide to join Chant Club, your admission can be applied towards your Chant Club membership fee.








What to Expect at a Chant Circle:


We begin by setting our intention and use a simple mantra to connect with one another and the Divine teacher within.  From there, we explore various mantras for their profoundly elevating effects.  In this sacred space, the playful nature of one's soul can shine through.




If you are ready to channel your sacred, playful chanter, reserve your "Chant Club" membership today!

Want to stay connected and receive chant event updates?  Sign up for my mailing list and receive a free download of my unreleased song, “The Guru’s Way.” 


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