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The Wounded Voice and the Power of Chanting



Have you ever felt like your voice was wounded?


I believe many have felt this way, if not now, perhaps in their past?  I know I have.  Many of us have had experiences of not feeling like enough or welcomed, wanted or secure at times.  When this happens especially as a child in development, there is a part of us, called our “little professor”, that calculates the situation and then makes a decision about “how to be in the world,” in response in order to survive. This is done from a child’s mind and limited logic.  It makes decisions about how to be safe and get what one needs in the world.  If the wounding is around one’s expression (voice), this is a part of ourselves that may shut down, in order to keep safe or avoid a perceived threat in the environment.   The threat may be an actual overt threat, but more likely, it would be more subtle, like maybe I’ll feel ostracized, shamed in some way or on the receiving end of another’s anger etc etc.  It could be anything.



Finding an Empowered Voice through Chanting


 Each of us holds a “power” in our voice.  The power of the words we choose to speak and share with others can be used to uplift or tear down, create or destroy.  There is a vibratory frequency to our words and our sounds.  When others come into contact with our frequency, that experience can be helpful or harmful.  That’s a lot of potential for empowerment, for both ourselves, and others? Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, used to say something like, “There are only two reasons to speak.  The first is to uplift and the second is to do business.  Anything else is not useful.”  I would tend to agree.



Choosing a Frequency that Uplifts


One of the most profound powers of our voice is to chant words that hold within themselves the power to elevate and uplift one’s self.  As we vibrate these sounds within us, we can experience a biological, emotional and mental shift.  It’s simple to practice and beautiful to experience.


Gurmukhi, a language derived from Sanskrit, holds this power that I speak of.  Each sound/mantra begins to invoke within the chanter an elevated state of being.  Once mastered, the consciousness of the mantra is invoked whenever it is chanted.  Wow, that’s powerful stuff eh?  It’s the power to take one’s self from darkness to light.  Take a moment to let that thought marinate and take hold.



Choosing a Chant Style


Chanting can be practiced in a more monotone fashion, or it can be sung in a more devotional way.  This is called Bhakti.  When one uses their voice, pouring all of their love and devotion into the words, they can begin to experience “Anand” otherwise known as bliss.  When we chant or sing, these mantras together in community, the effect becomes exponential.  The result is not only that we uplift ourselves, but the communities in which we do it, also receive the benefit.

You can understand why these sacred practices, such as yoga and chanting, have been kept under lock and key and not distributed to the masses until this last century?  This is powerful, empowering stuff.


If you’d like to experience the joy of chanting in community with others, heal your wounded voice or help to uplift yourself and others, I invite you to attend one of the quality chant events I am hosting by following this link.!events/cee5


You can also check out my “Connecting with the Guru Force” post on facebook, for further chant discussion.

Loving Ones Creation into Being



It has taken me over 10 years to give birth to my newest CD, Merged: A Morning Sadhana.  Each melody, was like a small child to be nurtured and loved into being.  Some of the melodies such as Sat Siri, Siri Akaal and Rakhe Rahkanhar are some of the very first songs that I ever wrote, as a musician. Some of the newer melodies, such as, Guru Ram Das, came to me, just a few months before the recording of the CD began, but are as equally, lovely to me, as any mother’s child would be to her.


Letting the Liquid Reduce


Similar to the process of, “calling my, literal son, into creation,” and it being a conscious and soulful act through my intent and supportive actions, so was this creative process.  Like the process of calling my son into being over a 20 year period of marriage before he manifested, similar was the process of bringing this CD into being, with it culminating in this collection of songs.  Happy with the Sat Siri, Siri Akaal and Rakhe Rahkanhar melodies, I could have just “willingly” come up with some other melodies for the rest of the chants, in order to put out a CD, in quick order.  Instead, a deeper part of me said, “wait…let it simmer and reduce its liquid, like a pot on the stove, over time, increasing exponentially in its flavourful delight.”


The first 6 years were slow, no new inspiration came, until 4 years ago when a melody for the Mul mantra arose in my consciousness.  Once this happened, I knew the train had left the station and it was no longer a matter of “if”, but “when”, it would manifest in a total compilation of sadhana melodies that were all from my heart.


Striking a Sacred Balance


With the recording of each track on, “Merged: A Morning Sadhana,”, my intention was to invoke a scared balance between the masculine and feminine energy, thus inviting one’s self into the consciousness of merger.  In my personal experiences of these energies, the masculine provides a consistency and a stage upon which the feminine energy begins to dance, and as a balance is struck, the feminine invites a sort of “Divine Chaos”, into the song, in which the structure begins to dissolve and a “field of possibility” arises in the space.  Within this space, any state of being, that one’s soul wishes to experience can be found, as a potential, to be experienced and brought into being.


My wish for all beings, is that they may have what they need, to fulfill their destiny.  Each song, that I humbly offer, in this collection, has been, “loved” into being.  May the love present in these songs, be even but a small echo, of remembrance of the love, that is our ultimate “ground of being.”



Can you relate?  Have you ever “loved” a creative project into being?  If so, tell me a bit about your project or process on my facebook page!


The Sacred Sound Current

Through the ancient practice of chanting mantras, yogi’s discovered that the way the tongue hits the upper palette can invoke different states of being within one’s self. The tongue action can be likened to fingers typing out a message on a key board, on the roof of the mouth, that then creates an effect on the glandular system. Different mantras create different effects. Some invoke a state of calm and peace, some invoke an open and loving heart, others invoke states of balance, intuition and grace. There is a mantra for any elevated state one wishes to experience internally. Touching on, and experiencing these varied states of being, allows one a greater connection with the breadth of their essential self, in that one’s essential self, consists of all of these elevated states of being. Yogis say that singing opens one’s heart and stimulates the pranic body, which is our energy body, which is integrally involved in any healing process we undergo.

The Making of a Chant Artist

Sat Sangeet (aka Tracy Gawley) has been a songstress and chant artist for the past 11 years. Her love of sacred song began as a six year old child, who has memories of being called to the gymnasium to celebrate mass in her elementary school. All of the pupils, would walk from their classrooms, song book in hand, in a single file, through the hallways, singing songs of brotherly love, togetherness and longing for the Divine, on their way to the gymnasium. It was the early 70’s and there were many folk-sy style Christian songs being written, that were steeped in devotion and heart energy. This experience so impressed upon her, that she still owns her own original elementary school song book, 37 years later, and has revisited the songs, over the years, as part of her devotional practice.

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